Aero Port Services Services
Security Division
  AERO PORT SERVICES, INC, is a leader in the field for providing services to the "Reduced
Mobility Passenger". APS is known for setting the standard in the industry for "Customer
Service". State of the art training. Always placing a priority on the care for our Clients
Reduced Mobility Passenger.

Wheelchair Account Internet System; Internet based wheelchair
Management & Ordering system.

A Leader in the Field for "Reduced Mobility Passenger" training.

Setting the standard in the industry for Customer Services.

Background verification as required under

LAX Badge Office fingerprints all employees.

All employees will have proper L.A.
Airport Identification and Security Guard Cards.

LAWA Police will train employees in Airport Access

Employee Certification in CPR.

Registered Nurses train in handling of "Reduced
Mobility Passengers".

Customer Service Training by "David Goldman

Airline Terminal Evacuation and Repopulation Training.
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