Passenger Security


“We understand how vital security and safety is to the daily operation”.

Our aim is to provide our airline clients the peace of mind with the security to passengers; while ensuring a positive travel experience.

With our aviation security solutions, we at APS are able to manage an effective airport security program that ensures passengers and clients a secure airport environment. Our security enforcement team is highly-qualified airport security professionals trained to prevent threats or potentially dangerous situations while upholding and complying with all applicable regulations, laws, and codes. We deliver these services in a friendly and approachable manner, making passengers feel safe, secure and at ease.

Security and safety is of the utmost importance throughout the aviation industry, and APS Security works to uphold this, while ensuring a positive travel experience, in addition to contributing to the west coast’s busiest airport safety and security programs.

SERVICES OVERVIEW: (but are not limited to)

  • Emergency/incident response and reporting
    • Hazardous condition prevention and reporting
    • Access Control of proper authorized personnel in restricted areas
    • Screening for dangerous items or threats in checkpoints
  • Random metal detection on carry-on baggage
  • Aircraft guard, and Security
  • Baggage Screening