About Us

Letter from the Chairman,

On behalf of the Aero Port Services family, I am proud to say that it has been a half-century since APS began providing its services at the Los Angeles International airport.

APS began as a small security service based in LAX. We have since expanded the scope of our services to become the wheelchair service provider at Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, as well as providing baggage porter services, and interline ground-handling services. From our humble beginnings, we have now gained a foothold in the
aviation industry as a reputable, mid-sized company.

While international and national companies have placed branches at LAX, APS is proud to have been built and grown locally in Los Angeles and while remaining competitive with these larger companies. With much gratitude and appreciation to our clients, business partners, and employees, the APS family is proud to have grown at the busiest airport on the west coast.

With that said, it is now the time for APS to begin taking the steps to move forward and continue to grow as a company, further building upon our many years of experience and knowledge in the aviation services industry.

With the vigor and optimism of a startup company, APS is now making the proper preparations to expand nationally and internationally, while also increasing our scope of services provided at LAX.

We hope that our clients, employees, and partners will continue to support and maintain interest in the APS family as we make this leap forward, so we can continue to serve and work better together for years to come.
Thank you,

Chris Paik

Our Clients

Our People

We understand that our employees are our most valuable & critical asset. We are dedicated to making every employee feel valued, committed, and proud to be part of the APS family; while providing a work environment that is empowering, supportive and encouraging.  We value their diversity and recognize individual contributions.  We are committed to recruit and maintain employees that set us apart from the rest and to provide our personnel all of the tools they need to excel and grow in this environment.

Aero Port Services Inc., (APS) is a provider of Passenger Handling and Security Services. We are an airline servicing company that meets airlines’ needs for wheelchairs, aircraft security, baggage transfers, and passenger services at LAX. We were founded on the philosophy “The Client Comes First.” That unifying philosophy still guides our company today – and always will.  We are a service company whose clients are the airlines we serve and the passengers they serve. Our mission is to make our airline clients look great. APS has built and maintained relationships with major airlines because we are client-centric. We recognize that we share the same goal – to make their passengers’ travel seamless.

We were incorporated in 1997 and have expanded to include comprehensive services for baggage handling.  Today, some 700 APS employees are working for 45 prominent airlines at 24 different job sites in the LAX area.  But size is not the only measure of our success. We pay attention to the small details that set us apart from other companies. Reliability is the foundation of the trust and confidence that our clients have in us. Airlines know that we are in business to meet their needs and solve problems, often on the spot. We innovate rather than replicate.

Our goal is to consistently meet every measure of performance in all aspects of our service. Behind the most cutting-edge services in the industry are four key advantages:

  1. Our practiced, visionary management team provides expert guidance backed by 125 combined years of experience
  2. Our loyal employees are courteous and professional – always
  3. Management and staff work together as a unified team
  4. We are at the forefront of technology

As a result, we are proud to say that APS sets the industry standards for:

  • Interline Baggage Delivery Services
  • Wheelchair Services
  • Security Operations
  • Baggage Porter Services
  • Cargo Handling
  • Recruitment of Professional Staff

APS is a proud member of the IATA Ground Handling Council. The company is certified by the City of Los Angeles as a Minority Business.